Humans vs. Zombies is a game of tag played at schools around the world where human players must remain vigilant and defend themselves with socks and dart blasters to avoid being tagged by a growing zombie horde. One of the biggest issues currently facing Humans vs. Zombies (HvZ) organizations is information conveyance among players and moderators. The HvZ Player App was a prototype designed to give players and moderators an easy way to communicate while on the go.

The HvZ Player App is a mobile-first web application that enables organizations to create customized HvZ rounds and allows players to join rounds using a unique game code. Through the implementation of integrated mapping and messaging systems, players are able to plan strategies and to tactically communicate with one another. Additionally, moderators or administrators of rounds are able to convey important information to players immediately through the form of moderator alerts or at the onset of a game through customizable round and rules pages. With players currently having to use multiple outlets of communication in order to stay informed, the HvZ Player App helps to centralize all information into one location.