MegsRadio was a personalized internet radio service focused on promoting local music. Our primary goal was to promote the work of local artists by contextualizing their music with songs by more well-known artists. Another goal of ours was to provide users with the most amazing music listening experience in the world. This was done by giving our users more control over their experience by providing novel interactive design features.

As part of a small team of 5 – 10 people, I worked as a full-stack developer and gained insight into the web development process from end to end. I helped develop complex data models in MySQL, wrote logic for active records and controllers using Play Framework in Java, and developed a full Android application. I also introduced Scrum as a formal process to the team which lead to greater communication and productivity. My 3 years working on MegsRadio with talented individuals from various backgrounds was an invaluable experience for learning how to build full-scale web applications from end to end.