Purity allows users of Discord, the popular voice and text chat application, to interact with online communities in new and entertaining ways. While other bots tend to focus on a few specific functions, Purity gives you everything you need to manage your community and have some fun without having to add 10+ bots to your server. With Purity, you can gain currency, own a pet, play music from YouTube, create memes, and so much more! We also give server owners and admins a full set of features to manage their community, whether they want to kick someone from the server or give members special ranks for being an active part of the community.

When I first started working on Purity, the code consisted of about 5000 lines of code, all within a single function. It was originally intended to be used in about 5 servers but as more people found Purity and more features were requested, the code quickly became unwieldy. The first thing I did was completely overall the code by introducing a robust command framework and separating each command into its own file. From there, we were much better equipped to add new features including settings for individual Discord servers and commands. Most recently, I’ve been working on moving our database from SQLite to MariaDB as well as redesigning our data models to be more robust. Going forward, this will give us more scalability and allow us to create a web dashboard where server owners will be able to manage and customize Purity. I’ve also introduced TypeScript to be used in all future Node.js based repositories which will help us avoid creating type-based errors.

From the very beginning, I’ve been focused on making purity robust and scalable and the number show that it has worked. It’s been less than a year since Purity was first released and it is now used in over 8,000 servers containing over 590,000 users. As our community continues to grow, the bot will continue to get bigger and better and I will continue to make sure we’re able to support growing demands.